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» 98 Sales Deeds in the last quarter.          » 69 7x12 extracts handed over to clients.          » 33 AOS / POA executed.          » 3 Projects handed over.          » 2 new project launched.          » Sairung Successfully Completed Blood Donation Camp in Hinjawadi with the help of Sahyadri Hospital, Karve Road.          » Celebrated 70th Independence Day in the presence of A.P.I. Yogesh Ramekar, and other dignitaries from society and sairung group staff.          » On Independence Day occasion, Sairung Foundation distributed "Dust Bin" to Hinjawadi area as part of our Swasthya Initiatives.          » Sairung is inviting for Sakal Agrowon Green Home Expo 2017 at Ganesh Kala Krida Rangmanch, Swargate, Pune, kindly visit stall no.9,10          » Attractive monsoon offer for beautification of your plot          » Go green concept launched          » A satisfied pool of 17000+ customers          » In house customer friendly legal team          » Unique concept of Sairung Pariwar for clients          » 120 plot registrations done in the past 2 months          » 80 7/12 extract handed over successfully to clients in the past 2 months.          » A satisfied pool of 17000+ customers.          » Planted 5000 trees around Pune, 120 Agreements of sale executed in June 2017

Why Invest in Real Estate?

Only those who have put in their hard earned money into ‘bricks and mortar ‘understands its real worth. Yes, we are talking about the real estate investment – the backbone of the Indian Economy.

One of the fastest growing real estate market globally, it is also the 2nd largest economy in the country after Agriculture. Hence, real estate is a popular investment vehicle for everyone. Real markets are going to overturn in the coming year, especially after the Budget 2016. So if you are planning to invest, it might be a good idea to hurry your decision. Read More >>