The Journey of Sairung Developers

About Sairung

Sairung Developers began its journey of being the pioneer land investment company back then in 1979. At that time, the Nation was still in its development phase and the Real Estate market was steadily rising, Sairung Developers achieved phenomenal growth and became the brand that more than 15000 people trust today. Sairung Hinjewadi as we are most often referred to as is mentored by two incredible courageous and compassionate souls- MR. K.R Malik and MR. Sharukh Malik. Sairung Developer news and incredible success are credited to these two dynamite human beings who have worked day and night to make this organization achieve phenomenal success

Sairung Developers’ incredible projects comprise of service apartment projects and residential projects in a number of metropolitan cities of India. We offer the prospect of making profitable land investments in several of our projects. Thousands of customers have made a profitable land investment with Sairung Developers. Many of us have also written incredible Sairung Developers reviews telling about their journey and achievements. We also recommend everyone to stay updated with Sairung Developers news as we bring out the lucrative investment opportunity for our users.


Unsurprisingly, Land has always added to the growth in investment benefits. As opposed to other investment and stock options, land investment is comparatively reliable investment source. Owing to this feature, we at Sairung continuously strive for providing maximum benefits to our clients.

We are known amongst Asia’s premier real estate companies
We have developed more than 150 villages in Pune in our brief period
We Posses Award-winning land development projects



To become a business unit worth believing. We provide enough investment options to all classes of society. We are aligned with a strong vision and foresight that has been thought & followed since the initial times.
We are proud of providing a piece of land and a fortune of opportunities through our assorted investment options to everyone. We intend to offer these opportunities to each part of the society, even the ones who have never dreamt of it.



To productively cater to every business challenge that comes in our way and to create a holistic growth opportunity for every person who is associated with our organization


Transparency & Leadership
Safe Investment options
Consistent High Returns
Employee & Customer welfare

Customer Testimonials

Land for sale in Pune

  • Excellent, honest, and caring team! Sairung Developers go out of their way to ensure they meet the desired needs. Sairung Hinjewadi group has helped me buy, and sell plots over the past few years. I am feeling happy writing Sairung Developers reviews and I recommend Sairung Developers to all those who are looking for any land investment opportunity.


  • Sairung Developers and their team have always been dedicated, trustworthy and committed to making the selling & buying process exciting. I will always continue to work with Sairung Hinjewadi & their team as they are always professional, personable & knowledgeable. I absolutely recommend the Sairung Developers.


  • My Sairung Developers review. Thank you to Sairung Developers and the team for the wonderful service. The process was made super easy due to their professionalism and knowledge in the market. MR. K.R Malik and MR. Sharukh Malik guided me to the whole process and cleared my doubts as and when I asked.


  • I would definitely recommend the Sairung Developers and Sairung Hinjewadi team. This was not my first purchase of land but was the first time I really felt the agent knew his business. Mr. Sharukh Malik came to an initial meeting with very helpful information and explained his process in a way that definitely showed his expertise in Real Estate. He is friendly and professional. Thanks for helping me purchase a luxurious land.


  • Sairung Developers have the ability to analyze and plan a strategy that takes advantage of market conditions, incorporates the best land investment options and maximizes the return on your investment. Strongly recommended service if you are planning to make any land investment.