Sharukh Malik the executive director of Sairung Developers began his journey as an entrepreneur in his own family-led business. Courageous by soul and compassionate by nature, he was able to overcome all the initial struggles and rise to tough occasions. He has spent his time working in metropolitan cities like Pune, Bangalore, Kerela, etc. Also in his bag of achievements, he has the experience of working in the challenging Middle-East Real Estate Industry.
His business mindset and discipline enabled him to take his personal and business growth to incredible heights. His foresightedness and a strong vision is the reason behind his success at a nascent stage. Mentored by His father- MR. K.R MALIK, Sharukh Malik is the prime example of a Young Successful Entrepreneur.
Sharukh Malik is confident with the knowledge he has learned from his father and from the experience in the market that he will make his businesses succeed. His ability to maximize every event and situation into a business opportunity is a must-have quality of any entrepreneur.
He constantly generates new ideas to manage his workflow and increase efficiency. He has the ability to look at things around him and focus them towards his goal. His communication skills are on par with the best in business. He isn’t demoralized by defeats rather he looks it as an opportunity for success.

Customer Reviews

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  • MR. K.R Malik is an extraordinary person who always has something to share. He is always looking for the gold, even in the midst of challenges. He possesses an amazing range of skills and abilities from a constant understanding of the big picture to meticulous management of all the details of complex land investment transactions. For anyone with a land investment, Mr. K.R Malik and his company Sairung Developers are a necessity to achieve the best results.

    Mr. Swapnil

  • Mohammad Bin Sharukh is one of the most passionate men I have ever worked with. He has the strength of character to pull all external distractions aside to put in time into work he truly believes in. He lives up to the standards he creates for himself. I strongly recommend Sharukh Malik and his company Sairung Developers if you are planning to make any land investment.


  • Mr. K.R Malik has the ability to analyze and plan a strategy that takes advantage of market conditions, incorporates the best land investment options and maximize the return on your investment. Strongly recommended service if you are planning to make any land investment. Gautam-I would definitely recommend Sharukh Malik and the Sairung Developers team. This was not my first pu


  • Sharukh Malik is a young cheerful soul who is always looking to generate the best results for his clients. His passion and discipline towards his work helped us to make a profitable land investment. Sairung Developers’ service team is also always there to help in case you need them. Don't hesitate to try Sairung Developers and the service of Competent Person like Sharukh Malik. friendly and professional. Thanks for helping me purchase a luxurious land.


  • I would definitely recommend Sharukh Malik and the Sairung Developers team. This was not my first purchase of land but was the first time I really felt the agent knew his business. Sharukh came to an initial meeting with very helpful information and explained his process in a way that definitely showed his expertise in Real Estate. He is