Customer Testimonials

Land for sale in Pune

  • Sairung Developers provides the option of reinvesting money in their profitable projects which I think is a very brave and positive task for any company to do. I used their service and found it to be genuine, professional and carefully designed. Apart from this Sairung Developers is the only choice I make when I need to or someone who knows me needs to buy or sell any plots in Pune.


  • I took a plot from Sairung Developers back then in 2014. And after 5 years when its price boomed, I sold it with the help of Sairung Developers. The reason I choose Sairung Developers for both of my transactions is the trust and information they provided me throughout the process. Clear land title, no hidden cost and nothing to worry is what makes Sairung Developers the best land investment company to choose.


  • I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Sairung Developers for the excellent service I received from your office. Working with Sharukh Malik Sir truly made my land selling process a smooth one. The service was phenomenal! Thanks again.


  • While giving the Sairung Developers reviews , I must thank them for the service they have provided in reselling me a property. Sairung Developers team is truly awesome and I am blessed to have taken advantage of their service. Sairung Developers is the best company in Pune if you are looking to resell your property.


  • I am thankful to Sairung Developers and its chairman MR.KR. Malik for their support and expertise in doing Land investment. As I was making the investment for the very first time, they not only offered me a profitable choice but also assisted me throughout the process.