CSR Activities


Apart from his business activities Mr. K.R. Malik has been engaged in a number of philanthropic activities centred in Pune & Kerala during his illustrious professional life spanning over 33 years with initiatives such KHETA for the farming community without much fanfare & publicity. Some of the initiatives are as below:

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Development of a unique business model for the farmer’s community:  When Sairung purchases land from any farmer, it gives the farmer returns in profitable portions.Respecting his livelihood through land, the farmer should never  regret selling his land, therefore small efforts are made us us  by opening some educational funds for his children, provide Health and life insurance facilities, or make half share of the land as fixed deposit  for them.

Imparting education to laborer’s infants:  Another worthy social activity Sairung actively participates in is that it makes sure there are academic study sessions daily for the children of the laborers working at our projects.  We make sure that the children’s educationdoesn’t get neglected because of the work life of the laborers .It’s our responsibility that the children get good education and mannerism while their parents works hard for their brighter future.

Provides healthcare facilities to rural population: Sairung is associated with a number of social & charitable activities. It works specifically for the rural population by providing various healthcare facilities like ambulance services, basic medicines availability, healthcare camps, free checkups & treatment for villagers.

Sairung encourages & helps budding entrepreneurs:   By participating & funding rural youth festivals, Sairung works for the dynamic & budding entrepreneurs who wish to work hard & achieve success. Sairung follows their passion & understands their potential & hence personally loves such young group of entrepreneurs who wish to flourish in life by way of hard work& dedication.

Sairung Foundation: SAIRUNG FOUNDATION, a Public Charitable Trust (SFPCT) is a registered charitable Pune based NGO initiated by Mr. K R. Malik working with a special Motto ‘Together, towards for a better Future’. The Trust was started with the coming together of professional social workers who have been in this field for several years. The Team has been working together as consultants for many NGOs spread across India even before legally registering as per Indian Trust Act.This foundation works for the marginalized & the underprivileged sector of the society to improve the quality of life. It provides facilities such as  Educational, Medical assistance, Relief to the poor, downtrodden & deserving section of the society,& provides special help in case of natural or man‐made disasters. It supports women to be self‐employed, trains& motivates self‐help groups in rural sectors.


Come Together, Towards A Better Future !

Carbon Footprint

SairungDevelopers proudly describe itself as the lover of Mother Earth. Since our business is also based on the same principle, we develop each plot or project into more sustainable environment.  We envision a desirable future for our customers in which living conditions and resources continue to meet human needs.


In all of our projects WE maintain

  • Abundant solar energy
  • Conservation of greenery
  • Regular tree plantations
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Use of Eco-friendly construction material

We appeal to Corporates/ MNCs and the public at large to partner us with adequate funding under CSR activities in our prestigious social community causes to bring joy & happiness among the rural INDIA especially.

Come join us at SAIRUNG FOUNDATION today to Make A Difference !

For more information visit Sairung Foundation.