Our Chairman

A Magnum of hope and Opportune
A true pathfinder

Mr. K.R. Malik, founder of Sairung Developers is known for fulfilling dreams of his customers that has empowered them for a brighter future. Today he is recognized as an esteemed business tycoon in the real estate community. Back in 1979, when he wandered in search of living, his goals were pretty clear and he has adhered to making them successful. He believes Earth is the ultimate God. If you respect it andwork on it, it will reward you with abundant success. He had a conviction and foresight that the city will grow abundantly in the near future and so should his investors. Adhering to it, he cultivated the legacy of Sairung.

Mr. K.R. Malik, a visionary by birth has a unique knack of foreseeing future possibilities and thus had estimated the growth of Pune city nearlyfour decadesback. A simple man, coming from an absolute non business background had nothing but rigor and dedication towards his vision.To support his visions and ideas, all he had was trust in Earth and booming estimations that he made long before.

Understanding the market scenario, he started off with ground level research which enabled him to acknowledge and execute a proper procedure in land deals. In his eye, every individual should have a piece of earth. With this view, he inspires people to invest in land and understand its benefits. Other than being a strong foothold as a professional businessman, he has had a philanthropic edge to his personality. Formulating to this side of personality he has created a unique business approach in Sairung to be a strong contender towards the society.